4 reviews for Economic Inequality Kills

  1. Julia Heiman

    Important topic carefully considered with data and helpful to connect factors not typically considered. Excellent presentation.

  2. James Lomax (verified owner)

    Clear presentation on causes not apparent to most people.

  3. Diane Larocque

    Heard the lecture on 07/11/2019 on my local radio and I must say; “he is spot on”. The inequalities are mind boggling and truly pathetic. The U.S. “was” a great nation.. 65 years ago…

  4. William Ross

    I listened with great interest. Dr. Bezruchka has the experience and knowledge to make a very strong case for changes that need to be made. The United States has been struggling more and more with problems that face every country, and we seem to be having more trouble dealing with these problems. It’s disturbing to say the least. He presents perhaps the most serious problems, and some possible solutions, in a very easy to understand way. Thank you.

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