11 reviews for The Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. mary

    What a great program and spoke truth to so much of what I was thinking! Thank you!

  2. Andrew O’Connor

    Dr. Brezuchka’s lecture was an intelligent, well thought out and reasoned presentation about how predatory capitalism and political lackeys have crippled our medical infrastructure and left it unable to respond to the existential threat of coronavirus.

  3. Diana Noble

    Stephen’s words are my thoughts from watching our society for 61 years. What would be best is the gathering of 52 people in small communities that work together eye-to-eye. That’s our next layer of success for communities to begin building our new world. Find your 52 people. Now is the time to get to know the people closest to you physically. Instead of manicured lawns, we need to grow our own foods, herbs, and spices. We’ve become too reliant on others for self-sufficiency. Now is the time to creatively work together. It takes a person like Stephen to have the thought and the eloquence of speech and it takes the rest of us to create action to make it happen to save the world! Use this quiet time to begin to talk to people that think like you do and create plans to begin your own action.

  4. Geo


  5. Dave in Hanson, MA

    Bezruchka is one of the greats.

  6. Andrew in Lafayette, CO

    Great program. Thank you.

  7. Jean-Luc

    I really enjoyed the expose.
    I found it very clear and extremely instructive.
    I will recommend it to listen.
    Thank you very much.

  8. Vj ross

    Mr. Brezuchka has given a thorough and inviting lecture of reality in this nation’s politician’s preferance of profit over peoples lives. It reminds me of a scene out of the Harry Potter movies where it was shown how the wizards following the evil Lord Voldimort viewed the rest of the world, namely non-wizards. The populace were portrayed as smashed in a pile under the reining wizards. The hate and murder encouraged by the power hungry became easily displayed. Ignorance and short-sightedness combined with capitalistic motives will prove it’s deadly suffering of the people.

  9. Dorothy Vesey

    Extremely informative

  10. Terri

    Amazing broadcast! Very easy to understand the big picture! Needs to go mainstream for people to listen and learn!

  11. James L Duncan

    Calmly, reassuringly, this wise experienced sage conveys the message this disease is
    teaching us. I am so glad he related this to inequality and poverty.

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