9 reviews for COVID-19 & Capitalism

  1. Tim in Boulder, CO

    I enjoyed the show tonight with the doctor speaking about COVID19 and capitalism.

  2. Joseph “Ziyang” Lee

    Dr. Steven Bezruchka,
    Kudos, sir, on the powerful speech you gave that I’ve just heard on WBAI. I am looking to get hold of the transcript of the speeches either from WBAI or download it here. I got to have it! 🙂 Take care doctor. We need someone like you.

  3. Margarete A. Mayer


    This was an excellent lecture. I am going to get the printout to read it again and again.

  4. Bob Evans

    I tuned into this program when I was randomly scanning radio stations in Melbourne Australia on “good” Friday seeking an alternative to religious music. Dr. Bezruchka presents a very clear-eyed, wide-ranging critique of laissez faire capitalism which never trickles down but always gushes up with little consideration for the consequences of unsustainable consumption of finite resources. I’m going to keep following Dr. Bezruchka.

  5. Jose Bazan

    I just heard this in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. It is an EXCELLENT lecture that, more than persuades, obligates anyone to truly ponder on what may be the root cause of the current state of the human being and the world humans have made for themselves. I Highly recommended it for understanding the context of what we are living within.

  6. rrg

    Dr. Bezruchka weaves and interconnects a vast array of important dots to form a coherent mental big picture of how we got here, where we are, and where we can go next.

  7. Art

    I just heard this whole program on kboo. It is excellent and Stephen really makes the situation of this epidemic very clear.

  8. Mikhail Tarech Reheem

    He provides a sober, reality-based analysis of human experience from Hunter-gatherer to hyper-capitalism. This and the inequality of responses from small countries like Taiwan and South Korea to larger societies like the US, Italy, and the Philippines, reveal the failure of capitalism to meet the needs of the people and the earth.

  9. Ray Newkirk, OutsideTheBoxBuilders.us

    This was a GREAT talk! Stephen has a wonderful understanding of world problems pertaining to covid -19 and more and how we can fix them. Highly recommended by me, the healthy, vegan, yogi, renewable-fuel-burning, building-contractor who loves Alternative Radio.

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