5 reviews for Consequences of COVID-19

  1. Fikre Germa (verified owner)

    There is a lot of wisdom here!

  2. Jeff Marcin

    I was captivated listening. Someone has finally spelled it all out. I wish more people, especially republicans, would listen to these concerns, change their attitudes, and take a step toward improving our country. It’s almost too late.

  3. Doug Stephens

    A good summary with a historical perspective. It was informative and yet I feel it was lacking towards the end. That is why 4 stars instead of 5.

    There are many problems in the world and many people offering well-intentioned suggestions. Have they researched the solutions in equal measure to the problems? The nature of those in power is one of self-interest masked by civic duty. No country does this better than America. The hope is our youth. Can they leverage technology and communication to place limitations on the very base elements of power that has corrupted capitalism?

    Dr Bezruchka is a thoughtful, articulate member of the post-WWII generation that had such great hope. History will continue to repeat. Mind the gap- it is getting bigger!

  4. Debbie Johnson

    Clear presentation of a world on the cusp of change. A holistic rendition of the CovSar2 infection’s impact on all aspects of human and global life. Very worth a listen.

  5. Paul Elwell-Sutton

    Excellent sound bite.

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