2 reviews for Inequality Kills Us All

  1. Ron Barstow

    I picked up this program driving through East Tennessee tonight. I have been thinking about these very issues for a while now and it is refreshing to hear Dr. Bezruchka’s views. I agree with all of it. This is the first time I have heard all the factors driving our inequality together in one place. Its a lot to think about. Thank you for airing the talk. I’m going to get the book tomorrow.

  2. Nine

    When Dr. Bezruchka says “America”, does he mean the United States OF AMERICA?

    Dr. Bezruchka does offer us tons of gold nuggets: addressing the USA as the greatest nation IN THE HISTORY OF MAN —that’s progress, because USA is not currently THE most evolved nation in the World., and Dr. Bezruchka proves that.

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