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  1. Lesley Deacon.

    To hear a man speak the truth about the horrors of Gaza ,I hope your message is heard every where.,
    by as many people as possible,particularly Americans,who do not see the coverage we get in Europe.
    Israel has kepted the Palestinians imprisioned , robbing them of their soil, their freedom,it is a disgrace,
    that must be stopped..
    Lesley Deacon

  2. Joe Rich

    In my earlier years, I believe that Israel wanted peace, however, as I have become older and more knowledgeable, I became aware that Israel was not interested in peace with their neighbors, they wanted the lands and water of their neighbors. I have researched on my own recent history in this part of the world, and I can affirm that from the facts I know, Max Blumenthal is speaking the truth. I just do not understand how the U. S. can continue to support the Israelis, for if they were any other country, they would be sanctioned.

  3. Mike Donow

    Since I became aware of geopolitics as a preteen, I have been taught that Israel is this bastion of civilization/democracy in the bronze-age middle-east. As I grew older and met Palestinians in classes at college, I started to learn of massacres, forcing people off family lands held for centuries, the beginnings of settlements that perforate the Muslim lands with check points that stymy the flow of indigenous Arabs from moving north/south. I learned of linkage between the Mosad and Hammas. I have watched this land turn into a methodical genocide zone….a legal apartheid….a grand experiment that could set standards of segregation and ethno-delegitamization. And What Max Blumenthal says, I totally agree….”Democracy is THE enemy of the State of Israel.” This is a must hear story. Now prepare to watch the demagogues dissemble him piece by piece…just to prevent Peace.

  4. Don Cashman

    Heard a bit of this program while driving. He dismissed the Balfour Declaration as coming from a minor if not renegade colonial office. My understand is that Lord Balfour, a former Prime Minister, was Foreign Secretary.
    He also dismissed UN Resolution 181, the November 29, 1947 partition of Palestine, as being null because it wasn’t accepted by everyone there. I guess the question is if the League of Nations created the Mandate, did the UN have the legal right under to modify the situation. I’m sure some anti-Semite will let me know.

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