4 reviews for October 7th was Inevitable

  1. Ann in Amherst, MA

    Thank you for the Max Blumenthal program. I’m very angry by the way Biden and Congress are aiding Israel in its genocide of the Palestinians. What we need is diplomacy. AR is one of the few media resources that offers a different perspective.

  2. Dave Dzurec

    Max, “October 7th was inevitable” is a refreshing counter point to all the pablum we’re being fed by most of the other media. This includes the usually liberal and progressive MSNBC specifically Morning Joe which has been unapologetically pro Israel with very little opposing viewpoints presented. One commentator on MJ recently tried to present the situation of the Palestinians and was immediately shut down. It would be most appropriate for you to get on Morning Joe and present your viewpoints and some factual information. Thanks for your efforts.

  3. John Morgan

    Thanks for bringing Max to your audience, he is a very knowledgeable and heroic truth teller!

  4. Lynne

    Just terrific. Hard to know what the truth is but do believe Max has first hand knowledge of what he speaks. Eye opening mind blowing descriptions of Israeli propaganda concerning the trapped people of Gaza. Seems the world is letting Israel commit modern day colonial takeover and genocide including killing their own people. What can WE do?

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