7 reviews for The President, The Pandemic & the Election

  1. Jody in upstate New York

    I listened to Noam Chomsky talk about President Trump and his talk was very insightful, informative and educational. Trump has been a very scary president but no where near as scary as the political system that allowed him to become president—someone so incompetent and unqualified and hateful and self consumed—thats really really scary.

  2. melissa d martin

    I listen to Noam on WAMC public radio. Our earth is slowly disappearing. We need to support local small farms. Changing our lifestyles is one of the steps towards restoring the soil. He is brilliant. Thank you!

    In gratitude
    Melissa Martin
    Dandelion Hill Farm

  3. hmettee2

    Noam Chomsky keeps exceeding himself with his analyses of the “Good Ship America”!

  4. Elaine

    I listened to this last night on my local public radio station (WAMC). It was brilliant. Every person in this country needs to hear it.

  5. Jerome R Cronk

    Everyone should read this.

  6. lizannm

    Alternative Radio is my gateway to an educational understanding of US and global concepts and catastrophes. Noam Chomsky explains and puts critical facts into focus. In this interview, he confirms that our constitution was once progressive but now this document enslaves us. I never knew the history of our Senate. This explains a lot. What was not good about the Senate when it was created is now far worse. A democracy must evolve if a society is to survive and the constitution should be interpreted by modern thinking. The news focus is on the election and the pandemic and far more critical dangerous realities are not front and center where they need to be and those are the climate catastrophe and the threat of nuclear war. I also am very fearful of what Trump will do if he loses the election but still has 3 months in office to unleash his impulsive anger to destroy whatever he can in the US and around the world.

  7. Connie Hudgeons

    I’ve been a Chomsky fan since 1973 when I heard him at Southern Illinois University. I am always amazed at his analytical depth of thought and his ability to put the “puzzle” together for those of us who only wish we could think like him. Thank you for sharing this interview with one of the world’s great intellects. Of course, if you listen to AR, he’s really only preaching to the choir. Long live Chomsky!

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