4 reviews for The U.S. Rules the World

  1. Zaheer in Mumbai, India

    Thank you for these important Chomsky interviews.

  2. Jack in Boston

    This is a far more impressive interview with Noam than so many others I see today. You asked much better questions and had him address urgent world-historic topics that will be with us for the rest of our lives.

  3. Mary in New York

    Thank you for the mafia analogy which frames our foreign policy so horrifically well.

  4. Kim Finley

    I highly recommend listening to this and all of Noam Chomsky’s talks or reading his many books. The US government/corporate/military’s unending quest for power and control will surely be our demise. In this talk, Chomsky clarifies that it is up to “us” the citizens and our ability to still speak and act on behalf of our country, democracy, and the world we want to live in to make a change to ensure a just, safe or peaceful world.

    Chomsky’s knowledgeable insights come from decades of study and witnessing
    that will lift you out of the confusion that comes from the trance of superficial news and pap that we are regularly fed by typical news outlets. You would have to read a library of books to barely scratch the surface of what he knows, understands and offers. It is important that we all start listening. Our problems will not take care of themselves.

    Thank you Professor Noam Chomsky for your kind patience and commitment to educating and waking us up! May all of your gifts be heard.

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