4 reviews for Break Up the Media Monopolies

  1. Anthony in NM

    Bravo for the Jeff Cohen Break Up the Media Monopolies program. I listen to AR on KUNM.

  2. Lisa

    Informal & rich! Learned so much. Thanks!

  3. Fred Sowder

    It was great to see this talk in person and record it for Alternative Radio!

  4. Diana Duke

    I will be purchasing this pdf. I listen to NPR and watch PBS but often question some of their stances. Of course, I will still listen to them but Jeff Cohen is correct….How can media report with fairness when they rely on corporate funding. Even NPR and PBS rely on corporate underwriting.

    Jeff Cohen also mentioned the reporting on Bernie Sanders during the 2020 elections. I was very disappointed with the way that NPR treated Bernie in interviews, and in the stories that they highlighted during the 2020 elections. I wrote several times to NPR but never got a response, and I guess my support can not compare to corporate funding. Jeff Cohen pointed out that independent media such as Democracy Now and Alternative Radio are better options. I will seek to find independent media groups that do not accept corporate funding. Thank you, Alternative Radio.

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