5 reviews for The Financialization of Housing

  1. E.A.

    Today, I heard AR show on KPFA, re: financialization of housing and thought of the city where I live, Fresno, CA, where housing is more and more out-of-reach for so many persons & families. Thank you, David, thank you, Leilani, for such a helpful and current topic. I will be visiting your website, Ms. Farha, to read more of your work! A must “listen” (must read) for all who want to address structural inequities in our pandemic and post-pandemic world. Housing is indeed a human right. Thanks for your clarity, your examples, and your hope for change we can all work toward!

  2. smalloy (verified owner)

    So well done and thoroughly illuminating in how she connects the dots.

  3. Christina

    This talk — “The Financialization of Housing” by Leilani Farha was beyond excellent! Very educational and she is a very inspiring speaker/leader, as well. Thank you.

  4. william cobb

    Excellent and informing presentation offering a proper contextualization of housing as a human right. The subject “housing” connects to the health and well being of the homed and the homeless.

  5. Liban Osman

    I have been listening to Alternative Radio a long time but last night’s April 10 housing talk was the best of the best topics. Thank you so much.

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