5 reviews for Psychospiritual Roots of the Israel-Palestinian Tragedy

  1. Jamie Lynn Krull

    I was totally absorbed in this talk. Humanity should be the center consideration of how this country gets involved in international situations. So thankful for Alternative Radio. I am going to share this article with family members that I have had discussions with as I tried to share the history of Israel and Hamas, not in defense of what happened Oct. 7th, but just to share how the current situation has evolved.

  2. From a listener in CT

    I just now heard the Richard Forer program. I am grateful for him, for his conversion by reading—and therefore how important YOUR work is! –and for his mission now to help people think about what he has learned. I came away thinking that it is other Jews like himself, and also Christian Zionists, such as Biden, who refuse to look honestly at how their learned identity with Israel is something that they have to protect so fiercely. They are not open to seeing that the threat to that identity is not so much or at all, really, from “our enemies all around us”– the Arab world and the Palestinians. I also can relate to his saying that he can’t have conversations about this with Zionists. Same with me. He and I (and probably lots of anti-Zionist Jews) can only talk with people who are prepared to consider the possibility that there might be something wrong with what Israel is doing, and even that there might be the possibility that Palestinians are people.

    Thanks for putting on this program!

  3. Charles K. Hof

    An excellent perspective on what’s going on currently and I think everyone in the United States should hear this or read this.

  4. beverly stoeltje (verified owner)

    I emphasize the above statement and want to order a transcript so that I can share with others from the text.

  5. Washington Listener

    From a listener in WA state

    My partner and I really found his talk to provide one of the best histories and analyses of the region. We thought that sharing his ideas and statements with friends and perhaps as a letter to the editor would benefit our local area.

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