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  1. Helen Cagampang

    Fundraising time on our other NPR channel – so I happened across Alternative Radio on KALW in time to hear Caroline Fredrickson’s energetic, focused talk about the ills and strengths of our democracy. She clearly described the demands that maintaining democracy places on us, the citizens, to sustain our efforts for the long haul, if our democracy is to survive. The other side’s wealthy cadre has consistently supported building and staffing its right wing from the Supreme Court down to local government. Dems must do the same, building from the “farm teams” to the all stars, if our democracy is to survive. One great candidate every so often is not enough to sustain our democracy. Listen, to get energized. And thanks be to Caroline Fredrickson and Alternative Radio!

  2. Carol in Denver

    Her speech is exactly what I and other concerned citizens need. More power to you!

  3. James Gronski

    Some of this I knew. I knew that democracy was being taken down and that there was a plan in place to do so. I did not know just how far back in time that plan went. Until today. Very insightful and informative. Democracy in this country and around the world will become a dream long forgotten by history unless people learn the truth and fight back for their rights.

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