5 reviews for India’s Covid Catastrophe

  1. Zaheer in Mumbai, India

    Thank you for this important interview.

  2. Justine in Corvallis

    I learned so much from Jayati Ghosh. Thank you for airing such an informative program.

  3. Martha Jones

    I appreciated her definition of neoliberalism!!! For starters. Thank You!!

  4. Zaheerah Aleem

    Excellent report. The comparison between what we are doing here in the United States to India is so striking! The handling of the pandemic here was notoriously mishandled by the previous administration; akin to the Modi administration. Very enlightening report and so true. Thanks for the report. The “haves and have-nots” access is something to be reported on more often and exposed.

  5. VINDYA DONAHUE (verified owner)

    She is eloquent and hits right home. Great questions.

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