2 reviews for The Human Costs of Neoliberalism

  1. Ivy Lobato

    I listened to your speech on our local community radio WERU and was blown away by the depth and insights of our current situation. I believe that every high school should listen to the speeches A.R puts on. Thank you

  2. Kathleen Walsh

    Thanks for the post on Mr. Giroux. We are under heavy attack here in Chicago, as the “Merchants of Misery” continue their efforts to destroy Public Education and The Chicago Teachers Union. In less than a week, the Chicago Tribune published 3 ‘commentaries’ that are horrendous in their antipathy to Public Education, the Teachers and the Union. One actually called for a repeat of Reagan’s “getting rid of the Air Traffic Controllers” as a model for dealing with the teachers. We appeal to all of good heart and mind to keep up with how we are at risk of losing Chicago’s true education system, and to step forward with any efforts/materials we can use. Giroux’s work is an example of the factual work and personal dedication we need. Thanks for all you do.

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