3 reviews for Changing the System

  1. Alix King

    I so enjoyed this thoughtful and practical talk on how and why we should push liberals to the left. His history of how we got here and what we have to do to organize a true power base sent me to Alternative Radio’s website for a transcript and and MP3 so I could listen it again. Thank you Arub Gupta!

  2. Isaiah

    I started listening to this talk on my drive home and got hooked. I ended up spending an hour in my driveway to finish it! His through knowledge of the American system and the treachery that lies ahead with the newly elected administration is impressive and enlightening. The convoluted mix of disinformation, ulterior motives, false hopes, and lies of Donald Trump’s America are picked apart and reorganized into simplicity. This has not only helped me to understand our adversary much better but also offers a plan of resistance. A sobering outlook at the future we are facing if we do not step up and fight for justice and equality.

  3. Jacob Picheny

    Arun Gupta presents a trenchant analysis of what kind of phenomenon Trump is, what he represents for the U.S. beyond himself, his antecedents in our recent history, and the kinds of activity needed in order to effectively confront and oppose his reign.

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