5 reviews for Extinction Rebellion, the Climate Crisis & Civil Resistance

  1. Colorado Listener

    Hallam’s logic is compelling. This is the most detailed presentation of his philosophy that I’ve seen. He is dismissed by conventional climate activists, as is Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd, but in-your-face extreme tactics are required now. The traditional polite activist approaches aren’t cutting it.

  2. CK1

    Roger Hallam’s XR presentation is the most critically inspiring and crucially important one with a dire message. It details instructions on how to do nonviolent civil disobedience with a demand for the truth and action from the powers-that-be before it is too late to change anything. He lit a fire under me to do something drastic indeed!

  3. Cathy Gordon

    Should be required reading/listening in every classroom on the globe.

  4. Kate Grayson

    I heard part of this on my car radio. Important and inspiring. I need to get the transcript. As an environmental activist, I could see the wisdom in his advice. If we can’t follow a plan that works to mobilize people, all our efforts will just be spinning out wheels.

  5. Torry Mercer

    Fantastic speech. I will order a transcript. Getting involved in saving the biosphere might be the most important thing anyone does in their entire life.

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