3 reviews for Corporate Coup d’Etat

  1. Bill Dunnell

    I listened to this on NPR and it was a chore. Chris was confusing and seemed confused as he outlined class after class after class of society. He seems to forget that people, as individuals (not classes with labels) make choices in purchasing products and services and these choices, long with how well a company is run, determine the long term winners in our economy.

  2. Pat Kirkup

    I was totally captivated listening today to Chris Hedges radio broadcast on Corporate Coup d’Etat. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with the public.

  3. darryl w hopkins

    If you work on ,for or in conjunction with Wall St. and you wonder if there might be “something else” going on in a BIG PICTURE sense….have a listen. then think about it.

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