9 reviews for Beyond the Politics of Despair

  1. James in WA

    This is Hedges at his absolute best. It is incredible. He deserves a wide audience.


    Difficult, but so important to hear. I’m left feeling more free and clear than I have felt for some time: it really is refreshing to hear the truth of where we are, what we are up against. From here we can move forward. I’m in!

  3. Jeannine

    Wow! I have been consciously aware of this playing out, observing it in action and being disgusted by what’s been going on and how many are blinded! You could not have hit the point with more clarity. I was shocked to hear this truth being allowed on the radio in NE TN!

  4. Kelly Lorck-Schierning (verified owner)

    Thank you Mr. Hedges, for giving voice and truth to what is happening now and what we are to do with it. Constructively. Let light and truth ring and set us free!

  5. Jmrz

    I learned so much from AR. Thank you. I wonder how bad it’s going to get?

  6. colleen dye

    Chris Hedges’ plain statements free of hyperbole make the chilling alarm I feel. Hearing him layout the consequences of the stark, bleak path we are going down is just the truth and explains why things are the way they are and leave me afraid, but
    not confused. Thank you all so much.

  7. Marc Canet

    Thank you, Chris, and all those that have shared your journey so far. My fire due to injustices is validated, my heart is full of love. May God in all our many interpretations; support you, empower us, and share kindness and its provocations for action. The long path is needed for understanding, we have no choice but to go head-on through our dis-ease, pain, and societal dysfunction.
    Thank you Chris Hedges for your intellect, passion as a writer, plain-speaking, and humility.

  8. Jack

    Finally someone says it as it is, so refreshing to hear the truth. Thank you.

  9. Paul “Pat” Eck

    In one talk, Hedges cuts to the chase on what we, the real people, are facing today. One of the most difficult, but essential, work that needs done right away is to start healing the rural/urban divide. Thank you, Chris for this poignant, timely message.

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