3 reviews for War: The Greatest Evil

  1. A. Listener

    I love the way Chris Hedges articulates things. Since he studied at Divinity School, his talks feel like sermons to me. Beautiful use of language.

  2. Arthur Ratcliffe

    The most important aspect of the military contribution to the climate crisis is pointed out in this excellent commentary.

  3. Sadu

    Chris Hedges has been one of the most consistent anti-War, pro-Peace journalists in the U.S. He has exposed the sanctimonious hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of the U.S. leadership and the many corporations that gain enormous profits from killing people and destroying countries, all in the name of “democracy” and “freedom”. He names names of the evil perpetrators, from President on down. If there is a Hell and perdition everlasting, these people, who are part of the massive U.S military-industrial-congressional-complex, would be thrown into it forever for inflicting so much pain, suffering and devastation worldwide.

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