4 reviews for Biden, Gaza Genocide & Israel

  1. Armando Garcia Jimenez

    Nothing but the truth probing everything he expressed in this great job of his.

  2. From Andy in NJ

    In the excellent Hedges program, he talks about how liberal Zionism was always an oxymoron because Israel never intended to give equal rights to Palestinians.

  3. Darrell Costa (verified owner)

    One of the most devastatingly eloquent analyses of how nationalist evil perpetuates itself. Hedge’s masterly logic and balance with ethics and passion put him in the sphere of the world’s greatest thinkers. My own vain certainties were put to a test when by chance I heard his talk on the radio this morning. I’ll admit to having a teary self-realization about gaps in my own assessment of Gaza’s horrors when I listened. I am on my inner knees after listening to this, thanking Mr. Hedges for getting me to face my own blinding vanity.

  4. Steve Rolston

    Devastating, well-documented analysis and opinion regarding the genocide across Gaza and the West Bank.
    Biden must change course and stop giving lip-service to Israeli leadership. It is outrageous that Washington bullets have assassinated so many journalists and innocent Palestinians.
    Thank you, Professor Hedges.

    Steve Rolston
    Baldwin, NY

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