5 reviews for Climate Disruption

  1. Walt Kloefkorn

    Heard on KYRS out of Spokane. Gut wrenching readings. The ocean as a heat sink hasn’t been talked about enough in ways that reach the mass audience, which is propagandized relentlessly by corporate-funded deniers. But as Dahr reported, there is far more disruption and destruction already “baked in” than the governmental bodies have admitted. The tears of a “salty” American for the loss of the Great Barrier Reef were very moving.

    The idea that we are somehow separate from the “animals” going extinct and that there is something odd about grieving for them is sad. There is one web of life. It includes everything. We don’t even know all of what we are losing, we have no idea of all the connections. Changing our perception to understand that we are all linked is probably the greatest thing anyone can do to “reverse the drive toward extinction.” If that is even possible at this point.

  2. Dana Franchitto

    Did I hear him right. He “accepts and grieves for animals “who are going extinct? That sounds like cheap “New Age” rhetoric. How about taking action to reverse the drive toward extinction?

  3. Laura Ford

    Very sobering listen. It brings climate change into clear focus and close to home. I wish more information on climate change/disruption was this well organized and presented on more platforms.

  4. Jan Predmore

    Good speaker! Clear and easy to follow narrative even though the topic is worrisome (at least) and frightening . I am spurred to more action to combat Earth’s environmental damage.

  5. Roger Wilcox

    My ears perked up when the speaker claimed that methane pollution was 100x more potent than co2. I had previously thought that it was 30x and this was a shocker to me.

    I did enjoy the opening statement about Ralph Nader saying that “climate change” is a misnomer… I agree totally that the term needs changing to awaken peeps to an extremely serious problem today.

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