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  1. Diane

    David Johnston has a clear and concise way of articulating the internal issues that are at the heart of our ailing American society and what threatens our future existence. He presents all the big issues with a humane and down to earth approach. This talk with its varied and informed content along with Johnston’s delivery that is compelling, understandable and convincing needs to be required listening for every young adults and adults in this country.
    Despite his understanding and explanation of the pervasiveness of the policies that have put us in this crisis,and the difficulties required to make changes, he remains hopeful, citing history, that it can be done.
    Bravo! Thank you Mr. Johnston .Please share this talk with others who are not already aware of all the issues, and ask them to pass it on to 2 more people, etc.

  2. Timo Yannopoulos

    The societal impact of Inequality, is a very impressive speech and makes a lot of sense to me.
    I don’t thing that this a future theory, I am convinced it’s a present reality we are experiencing it today. Or I should better say since the Berliner wall fall. Hum!
    Unfortunately the majority of people, don’t have the opportunity to listen to this kind of great speeches.
    I strongly believe that all of those fantastic listenings “mp3″s “Alternative Radio” is providing us with, must be made more accessible to the masses and to all those they can’t afford to pay the $5. Otherwise those great messages will stay a big secret for the few privileged and won’t have any impact or effect due to lack of information accessibility to those who must really listen to them.
    Anyhow I was privileged to listen to it in the Kkfi radio 90.1 and able to buy it and played to my family and friends.
    Good job guys, keep up the good job.

  3. Jo

    I listened to the show broadcast on 90.3 which I think is Vermont Public Radio and I was riveted. I was very glad to hear this topic over the airwaves, as most if not all media hides from the real truth.
    Bravo and big slaps on your backs for Being brave and producing a truthful dialog that counter acts the bs propaganda we all are used to hearing.

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