8 reviews for Racism & Health

  1. Peter in NM

    Amazing top notch program. Prescient and on target. Her use of gardening metaphor is brilliant.


    The presentation has provided a valuable resource for me to use in my medical practice. As a black physician I’m always looking for ways to help my patients understand and cope with the important connection between the system of racism and their health. Along with any prescription that I write, I’ll let them borrow my copy of Dr. Jones’ CD!

  3. Kevin Spitzer

    Fabulous linking of issues and great visual metaphors! Brilliant!

  4. Te’ zins

    Christmas in July comes over the air-waves; just in time to face a great, miraculous snowstorm i.e., not to cover up anything, but to moisturize racism until growing a better understanding towards the Roots-and-Fruits of anti-racism.

  5. William E Ross

    A refreshing voice, combining energy and delightful humor during her important speech in 2015. I loved her flower analogy that she used so well to explain how racism works in our society.

  6. Lex

    Fascinating. This doctor should be the head of education.

  7. From Harry in CA

    Camara Phylis Jones is very impressive. She brings much knowledge and experience, and her manner of speaking is great. Fast, but with crisp clarity. The words are never blurred.

  8. Jacqueline

    This program was very useful to me and is a valuable contribution to the fundamentals of anti-racism training as well as health disparity issues identification. I am so glad I caught the program…and the others too.

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