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  1. Thomasa T. Panto

    Military empires, like predators teach the offspring to take life from each other. No other herd of mammals destroy their own herd and murders their own species for coins, flags, religions, armies…etc. Brain-washing is nothing new. Rome used Propaganda to turn domesticated human life back into predators. [edited for brevity]


    Excellent, informative, timely discussion of MK ultra, Sidney Gotlieb and U.S. CIA exploration of mind control via LSD & other drugs. While originally recorded in Oct 2019 this talk which I listened to in April 2020 was a most especially poignant listen in the era of the CV19 Pandemic. This is information & history most Americans opt to ignore, deny or remain willfully ignorant and uninformed about. Well worth the $5 cost of downloading in my humble opinion.

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