4 reviews for Humanizing Public Education

  1. James P Foley

    I have never heard such a wonderfully inspiring talk on public education!!

  2. Tom

    The content of this talk is vital.

    The verbal pictures Mr. Kozol paints open the window to wonderfully refreshing draughts of fresh insights into the idea that love for our children, and a willingness to honor each child’s remarkable integrity, creativity, and diversity are what must be at the foundation of our schools’ motivation for teaching.

    Mr. Kozol has helped me to feel that there’s reason to hope, and that there are as many reasons for educators to live true to their ideals and to continually rediscover and honor them as there are children in our public schools.

    Thank you AR for airing this important program. It is nurturing, confidence building, and inspiring.

  3. Devora Kaufman

    I loved his talk but the intro to the talk placed the blame on changes in education on neo-liberals and equated charter schools with vouchers. It is really important to know that charter schools are public schools and often advocate for the same things that Kozol espouses–creative education that values children as individuals and doesn’t teach to the test. Also, vouchers are the invention of the ultra-conservatives who want religious schools to be financed by public funding. They are nothing like the concept of charter schools.
    Kozol talked about charter schools that don’t allow poor and special ed children but that is against the law. I am sure that this happens sometimes but this is not the norm. I am a charter school teacher who individuates education for each of my students..

  4. Len

    What a talk, what a man. Kozol has such a pleasing voice and manner.

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