5 reviews for War and Peace

  1. Danny Hosey


  2. stan colenso

    An outstanding analysis and prescription of contemporary America.

  3. see above

    denis is out because his district fell to the larceny of the republicans greed-they drew new lines and pronounced it gerrymandered.

  4. Suzanne Sparks

    Dennis Kucinich is my leader in this country, along with Bernie Sanders – two voices crying in the wilderness. I tuned in tonight and found myself in total accord with what was being spoken, then realized: “I know that voice!” There are genuine public servants among us, but they are all too scarce in a ‘representative democracy’, that has become increasingly corrupt.. We The People have been betrayed, and voices that speak the truth are marginalized by the power elite. Mr. Kucinich’s consistent stamina and integrity is an inspiration to any true United States Citizen who is paying attention.

  5. Claudia Murray

    This speech by Dennis Kucinich is a shining example of the wisdom that could be guiding and driving our government. May it be so, sooner than later. He is wise, he is insightful, he is eloquent and visionary.

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