6 reviews for Native American Eco-Justice

  1. Louise Rushton

    Amazing talk. I LOVE everything about her.

  2. Susan Evans

    Brilliant. I am blown away by her talk!!

  3. Catherine Orr

    “Our goal is to find ways to live and travel–and help others live and travel–on One WholEarth, without harm to the planet or any living thing. ” – Alanson Jared Charles (Play the Wholearth Game)

    If we focused ourselves to help others to focus on the game by enlightening them that we can achieve this goal to patronize renewable and sustainable energy in order to restore all vital components without harm.

  4. Linda Patrick

    A reason for hope. So good to know the calm wisdom of Native tradition is being heard. An exceptional lecture and was so grateful to hear it on the radio this morn on my drive to work. If we had alternatives to mainstream political hate-spewing we might actually feel a seed of hope for this sacred planet.

  5. Wedlin Sainval

    I am listening to this podcast at this moment while I was driving. I had to stop to listen and taking some notes. What an amazing and convincing speaker! This show now has a new listener.

    Thanks for your amazing work.

  6. Doug Skove

    Very informative broadcast. While I have heard of Winona LaDuke, this is the first time I have heard her speak: she is persuasive, funny and poignant without being negative or derogatory. She creates a space which comments on the environmental troubles of our time, but emphasizes “working together to make changes”. I think she has a strong vision that speaks to our need for action with respect for indigenous tradition. She lives/speaks of a sustainable model including the idea of Solutionary Rail which seeks to bring electricity and electric trains to rural areas of America on existing rail lines.

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