5 reviews for Ecology of Capitalism

  1. John Ficalora

    As salient in 2016 as the day uttered and yet . . . we collectively made our choices and paid little heed. Interesting times indeed. Go Bernie!

  2. Bill Ross

    I listened intently as Professor Levins voice came over my radio this morning, thanks to AR. Amazing, his ability to convey his wealth of knowledge in a way I could understand easily. He took me on an expansive journey into history, politics, human nature, economics, ethics….and so much more, and managed some understated humor here and there. My mind was stretched and challenged…and captivated for most of an hour! I was saddened to hear he has passed on, but he surely lives on in the hearts and minds of many.

    Thank you, AR!

  3. Barbara

    I happened to catch the last half hour of tonight’s lecture by Richard Levins. I found his message a critical one for potential change. Since I hadn’t heard of him, learning of his death in January, 2016, broke my heart.

  4. Thomas Zaslavsky

    I heard most of this lecture on the radio. Levins has a kind of global systems understanding that is rare and precious. This lecture shows his kind of systematic thinking in action in a superb way. Though 16 years old, it is completely up to date; the socio-economic conundrums it discusses are only more evident now.

  5. Fran Littin

    Should be used in civics, economic, environmental courses in schools, if the government dares to share such thoughts.

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