4 reviews for Economic Justice: Dr. King’s Legacy

  1. R Alexander

    Sugarcoating not included – truths can be bitter – but once you digest it, you have a chance of seeing things clearly.

    Tell me again what century we are in?

  2. Justin Kalm

    An eye-opening speech, full of trenchant arguments to make us question our assumptions about the nature of violence in our society, and about Dr. King’s legacy as he would have wanted it. Malveaux is not as polite as some would want an MLK Day speaker to be, but in the context of the obscenity that has been America’s treatment of African-Americans, Malveaux vents no more than we deserve. It is an important speech, that I am going to share with a lot of friends.

  3. Dana Franchitto

    yes, her larger theme is spot on and as a vegetarian,I entertain no illusions about Dr.King being a vegetarian nor do I demonize MS Malveaux for not being one, but her dismissive comment about the “right of a chicken to land in a frying pan” is the kind of callousness the oppressors visit upon the oppressed. At least show respect and appreciation for what you eat. It puts a blemish on her thesis.

  4. Michael

    Wow, I thought we, as a nation, we were beyond this. Guess not. Sure you want to pick this ‘fight’ again?

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