4 reviews for Armenia, Artsakh & Azerbaijan

  1. From a listener in CT

    Thank you for the in-depth presentation on the history, politics, and present situation of the people of Nagorno-Karabakh. I had zero knowledge of any of that before.

  2. A. Avakian

    It’s true and I appreciate that our ancient lands were mentioned as such. We are indigenous to this land. As a photojournalist I covered the first war in the early 1990’s for TIME and have been to Armenia many more times before and after that war. Including for the Armenia story for National Geographic Magazine.

  3. From a listener in Ecuador

    What an amazing interview. I learned a lot, especially from his pragmatism regardin regional politics and what the Armenian refugees from Artsakh are to do now, e.g., move back/reintegrate or foresake their ancestral home and resettle in the Armenian republic. I was also very interested in how the Israeli state treats Armenians just like Palestinians—the other. Israel seems to have perfected that attitude.

  4. Pat

    An accurate, sobering and infuriating lesson in hegemony, hypocrisy and realpolitik by perceptive historian Der Matossian and informed questioner Barsamian. Thank you, AR, for introducing us to yet another unbought and righteous scholar!

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