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  1. Peter

    Mr. Mayer’s explication of the US imperialist system is very helpful to understanding our globe. He ended with four questions usually asked, and I would like to pose another in follow-up. That is, essentially, are we to conclude, then, that due to the advantages of the imperialist system that even the lowliest of Americans benefit from, that we must abide by this system and not seek to change it, as toward a socialist system that might lessen the problem of wars and reduce or eliminate the price tag we now currently experience in the form of terrorism? Of course this question is very difficult to answer. Am I to conclude that Mr. Mayer is suggesting the evolution of humanity at this point is insufficient to move on from what he has just laid out as an unjust, ruinous system, including, to look back at World Wars 1 and 2, the deaths of some 100 million people? I mean no hostility toward Mr. Mayer whatever with this question. He has presented what is very effectively, and anyone listening closely can discover why we have the conflict and suffering we are now experiencing in the world. However, I am left at the end of his talk with this final question–Are we then stuck with this ruinous US managed and controlled imperialist system? Is there no way forward from it barring evolution to a much less aggressive and exploitative type of human being?

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