3 reviews for Capitalism in the Age of Digital Technology

  1. Toby Hoffman

    Shared but everybody too busy with distractions.

  2. Jim Terr

    RMcC has a way of cutting to the bone. A disturbing talk, but so clear and so insightful. Will be sharing this one with friends.

  3. Thomas Burnham French

    Robert McChesney gives a challenging perspective on the future of the world through discussing domination of our economy by mega corporations, leading to monopolies, through the alliance of government, an alliance that has overturned our democracy. With the coming of fully automated, robotic industrial production, unemployment will soar. The largest internet corporations are aiding in creating a surveillance state which is antithetical to democracy and has been a mark of fascism historically. The belief in democracy by the majority of the world’s population will be a force that challenges the plutocracy and ultimately wins.

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