5 reviews for Hidden History of U.S., Ukraine, Russia Relations

  1. Toronto Listener

    I appreciated Ray McGovern’s first-hand account of the US/NATO agenda – at any cost and against the best-informed warnings.

  2. listener in PA

    Thank you for airing Ray McGovern’s excellent history and background on Ukraine and Russia. He filled in a lot of the gaping holes in the media coverage.

  3. listener in WA

    Great to get Ray McGovern on to give the other side of the situation and provide an anecdote to the total narrative control we are getting from the corporate media.

  4. Charlene Newman

    What a revelatory segment this was!

  5. sharon conroy

    I truly wish that Ray McGovern’s talk could be required listening for everyone in the U.S. He knows, from the work he did for many years with the CIA how we got to where things are with Russia and the Ukraine. And, if we don’t pay attention to the history he relates, we’re in bigger trouble than any of us think. I’m 76yrs. old, and it took me many years to realize that it’s not just the Russians that brainwash their citizens, we do too! Yes, what’s happening to the people in the Ukraine is awful, but we’re partially responsible for what’s happening. Let’s have the courage to face that reality and let’s stop putting huge amounts of money into our military/industrial complex to fund what I recall is 800 bases around the world. Instead, let’s focus on actually making our country into the democracy we pretend to be. Let’s improve our educational systems, our medical care, end racist policies, and commit the funds that are necessary to truly limit our carbon emissions, create a green economy, and bring the extraction of fossil fuels to an end. At this point, I’m ashamed of being a citizen of such an imperialist nation! But, as Earl King says in a 1970’s song, which I encourage all to google- “We Can Make a Better World.” The versions by Earl King, James Booker, and Dr. John are all excellent, and as New Orleans natives say- “Music is the Language of New Orleans.”

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