9 reviews for Causes and Consequences of the Ukraine War

  1. San Francisco listener

    I heard on KALW the causes and consequences of the Ukraine war by John J. Mearsheimer. A brilliant lecture.

  2. AR listener

    A great program.

  3. Rose Moore

    On March 1st I sent my children living in Berlin an email telling them to get out and make their way back to the US as soon as possible because I believed Russia would ultimately head to Mariupol to gain control of the Black Sea to establish dominance in the nascent war. I intuitively recognized the long game strategy at play and the ramifications of it scared me. Mr. Mearshimer’s presentation lends credence to my fears and truth to the situation we are watching unfold so many miles away here in the US. Thank you for your insightful, credible and balanced perspective on a war of profound consequence to us, whether we know it or not, and to the rest of the world who now do.

  4. John M. Morgan =

    Thanks, Mearshimer tells it straight, the way Americans need to hear it. Very happy to share this with our LPFM radio audience.

  5. Dave Richard

    The best, most precise description of US responsibility for the war, that I have heard.

  6. johnmhenderson

    Mearsheimer calls out the danger signals the West chose to ignore and provides a balanced view of cause and effect that most Western media overlooks. This in no way excuses Russia’s behaviour in Ukraine which has become a proxy battleground as Viet Nam and Afghanistan were. Now the belligerents are nuclear armed, we should be very afraid. This is a dangerous decade.

  7. From a listener in CA

    Grrreat show! Another mind bender.

  8. Listener in Seattle

    Thank you again for another brilliant program.

  9. James Lee Duncan

    Mearshimer cuts through the state narrative like a surgeon, and presents the reality that is both
    ominous and hopeful. Ominous because of the consequence the US is tempting fate of all with an
    unspeakable consequences, yet hopeful because now we know the true reality with which we can

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