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  1. George Lewis

    A very inspiring speech showing us the unprecedented importance of Occupy Wall Street. He clearly explained how this young generation have triumphed in the hardest part of any movement: To awaken a critical mass into action that can actually cause positive systemic change – peacefully.
    He clearly stated how Wall street has taken over control of government politics and how we must stay visible in Zakati Park, Wall Street, and in every other way we can think-up – so that these corporations start re-evaluating what they’re doing.
    Imagine if we found a way to affect their stock price? Like taking our money out of their banks and switch to non-profit credit unions – which, of course are owned by their members (have YOU done it yet? DO IT!)
    What I liked most was how he reminded us that everyone is already part of Occupy Wall Street and can use their imagination to help the 99 percent – and help the 1% change their ways…
    One suggesting I would like to respectfully suggest, is for everyone to SHOP LOCAL independently owned businesses. That’s what we’re working on in our area: http://99PercentDirectory.com – where each community can share their favorite local businesses and by just doing that, they get free advertising, which will help them survive this tough recession, and spend less money advertising with these corporations.
    We can all do our part – Thank you Mr Moore for this great speech

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