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  1. Anthony

    I had only caught the second part of the Nader interview and it stopped me in my tracks. Completely changed my view of him from my irritation/opinion of him in the role of presidential spoiler. I had somewhat already backed away from that opinion, but had not dug into it.

  2. Thomas Rauchfuss

    When our children’s children ask about great people that they have heard about – Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine, James Madison, and (moving ahead centuries) … we will tell them about William Buckley, Gore Vidal, Noam Chomsky, and … Ralph Nader. These are informed, objective, opinionated, iconoclastic, worldly, complicated intellects, who orate and advocate on a large stage. It is expected that one disagrees with some of Nader’s views, but the goodness shows through, emanating from his own idiosyncratic commitment to the welfare of mankind.

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