4 reviews for Trump, the Pandemic & the Election

  1. kay hutton (verified owner)

    Ralph Nader is a man who walks his talk. He consistently talks truth to power. This should be printed in a major magazine.

  2. John R

    I heard this today and while it does demolish Trump completely it also nails the inauthentic opposition party and for that I applaud him. The D Party is really the R Party and has been for over 40-years. We need a party that recognizes and supports ALL Americans.

  3. candace crocker

    I wish everyone could hear all this that Ralph Nader has brought to light on this day Sept. 10/20. Thank you Ralph Nader and Alternative Radio for your work.

  4. Hilary Geisheker

    Awesome!!! He is incredible! I wish this could be heard by every American. His clear and concise listing of Trump’s unlawful behavior was just amazing. I couldn’t stop listening even though it was getting on to midnight. I was inspired and uplifted As he drew to a close.
    Thank you, Mr. Nader.

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