5 reviews for Trump, the Pandemic & the Election

  1. Gregory C. Murray

    Obviously very good, however, it misses some realities of a large portion of the American population and how those Americans respond if they think or perceive that someone else will get something more than they got. Those Americans always want to put a hand on their side of the Scales of Justice. How hypocritical those good, great Judeo, conservative, Christian Americans are. They must feel pain before they respond. Case in point is the Opioid Crisis. It is imperative that we hold our leaders to perform what WE the PEOPLE need as Ralph presented. I can only hope.

  2. kay hutton (verified owner)

    Ralph Nader is a man who walks his talk. He consistently talks truth to power. This should be printed in a major magazine.

  3. John R

    I heard this today and while it does demolish Trump completely it also nails the inauthentic opposition party and for that I applaud him. The D Party is really the R Party and has been for over 40-years. We need a party that recognizes and supports ALL Americans.

  4. candace crocker

    I wish everyone could hear all this that Ralph Nader has brought to light on this day Sept. 10/20. Thank you Ralph Nader and Alternative Radio for your work.

  5. Hilary Geisheker

    Awesome!!! He is incredible! I wish this could be heard by every American. His clear and concise listing of Trump’s unlawful behavior was just amazing. I couldn’t stop listening even though it was getting on to midnight. I was inspired and uplifted As he drew to a close.
    Thank you, Mr. Nader.

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