6 reviews for Corporatism’s Threat to Democracy

  1. Kat in MA

    I will be discussing this Ralph Nader interview with my (UU) church group to figure out what we can do to address the issue of corporatism. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. Emma in France

    We spent lunch yesterday listening to you two. I wish the effen politicians would, too.

  3. Jim in NM

    Such a force for good, on the ground level! Thanks for interviewing him.

  4. Sylvia Mency

    Mr. Nader reminds me of Fredrick Douglas’ insights into our national policies; keeping us moving into equality to all. Both defenders of our national attention, actions and commitments!

  5. Dorcas Borton

    Very interesting, and needs to be shared in a prime time venue!!! More people REALLY need to hear this.

  6. Te’ zins (verified owner)

    You are our Ralph 4-ever more that continues to educate “We the People”. Gracias.

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