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  1. michael colby

    As a pacifist, vegetarian for over 45 years, I never heard such a comprehensive and historical survey as to how these two choices are so intimately connected.
    Kudos to Professor David Nibert for making the simple truth both clear and easy to understand.
    Bernays, Disney and Murdoch, not withstanding, simple truth can dazzle an inquiring seeker so effectively as to create the suspicion in the over-educated mind: “it can’t be that simple”.
    Garbage in, Garbage out.

  2. Dan Rynberg

    David Nibert made a strong case for not eating the flesh of animals. He did this through water, energy, pollution and simple math. For example, each pound of animal protein takes 4,300 gal. of water, whereas each pound of plant protein takes 300 gallons. He made sense and to ridicule him is to deny science and facts. I am not a vegan, or even a vegetarian, but I still could follow his talk and am going to be influenced to eat “lighter” on the animal element.

  3. Quentin

    Prof. Nibert probably does not realize how silly he sounds. His Alternative Radio speach today on Montana Public Radio is worthy of Saturday Night Live. Let him know how much I enjoyed his exhortations on the “exploitation of salted flesh.”

  4. Joanna Gardiner

    To the reviewer who did not know if a vegetarian diet was healthy for “omnivorous” humans—1. Read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell. It is the largest study ever conducted on the relation between nutrition and disease. It had no set agenda, but found that a vegan diet is far healthier for humans; 2. Humans are physiologically herbivores, not omnivores. Research comparative digestive systems. Humans did not begin eating other animals until the Ice Age made plants scarce; 3. On a purely anecdotal level, I am 68 years old, in perfect health, no meds, like most vegans & few meat-eaters my age.

  5. Geoff Aucoin

    Definitely many many poignant remarks about the industrialized meat industry, it truly is atrocious, but I cannot lend any support to those that strongly advocate a vegetarian diet. Outside of strong religious beliefs or legitimate health concerns it’s hard to support vegetarianism as there is no rock-solid evidence that a vegetarian diet is completely beneficial to us omnivorous humans. Additionally the ‘social elite’ argument for eating ethically-raised meat holds no water for me as the price is coming down as we all vote with our forks; the more we eat it the more people will demand it and the more affordable it will become. You don’t have to be affluent to eat a socially and environmentally conscious diet these days, just imaginative and passionate.

  6. donald victor

    Everyone’s a critic,” and my reward —listening to Animal Industrial Complex—compels my showing some gratitude. Here’s a thought: DomesticRation and aflU’ent deserve attention. Your, and Alternative Radio’s, so passionately airing these astonishing facts and historical tragedies; for all of this, THANK YOU.

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