10 reviews for The Other Side of Thanksgiving

  1. Kay Brown

    Alternative Radio programs are superior in content. Meaningful contemporary analysis not to be missed.

  2. Don Baraka

    This is not fiction! Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz in 2014, still valid. It’s more important than ever to learn our real history, so we may correct and transcend past errors and aggressions.

  3. Amy Bookbinder (verified owner)


  4. Tim Sweeney

    Brilliant lecture. It cannot be overstated how much I learned.

  5. Marcus Boyd

    This is my fourth year of listening to this audiobook with Q&A on Thanksgiving Day. I look forward to listening again next year while informing and dismantling until then.


    Concise exposition of the DNA of predatory nature of this (and every other) colonial settler state, and its manifestation in current U.S. racial dynamics and imperialist “perpetual war”….Also, why U.S. would be in league with U.K. and fervently support Israel, which is in the middle of its ethnic cleansing and genocide.

  7. Geoff Kaupman

    This was a powerful piece of programming and learning from a highly knowledgeable person. Some of these facts presented, I knew of. The detail and the packaging of these truths were impactful. We look around the world, Brazil, China, Colombia, elsewhere for the stories of indigenous people thrust to the wayside. We have no further to look then here in the USA. That said, I think some of the truths need not displace the myths of our country’s creationism. Lies or not these were the stories of strength, mortality, morality and justice that generations were raised upon. These same lies are what make it possible for many people of my generation to desire inclusivity, to be open to the real truths, to embrace fixing wrongs.
    Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak.

  8. David Allan

    Thank you so much for this brilliant program!

  9. Navtej P Singh

    I felt it that way, some where deep down I knew that polished talks of these so called godly men are. I am not only amazed but concerned what they have in box for humanity in 21st century. The evidence is clear from what they are capable of doing to their own young vulnerable boys with full immunity from law.

  10. Jen snyder

    I caught only 20 minutes of this broadcast. I felt like i received a drink of water after days of being parched. Ms Dunbar-Ortiz describes our true national origins with clarity. I’ve studied our history from many varied perspectives. She pulls it all together. I will get the recording to listen to her whole presentation. Thank you

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