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  1. Cass Anon

    I found this to be a very interesting audio that I found on our local NPR station after seeing the new Wonder Woman movie. I felt it was very appropriate for my evening of women’s representation.
    Camille discussed a number of topics, such as agrarian women, feminist movement, college tuition issues and more. I found her views on almost all of them to be slightly…Provoking. It was interesting and I felt appropriate for an alternative radio to have someone express these views. She is very respectful and non conforming in her views and it sounds like her personal life as well.
    I will be listening to this again as there is so much information to digest and much to learn

  2. John Anon

    I disagree with Dana with regards to this presentation. Dr. Paglia may, in fact, characterize herself as a libertarian but this doesn’t mean that we should dismiss everything she says. For instance, in this talk she criticizes the University administrations and Board of Trustees for bankrupting the majority of poor and middle class students in the past 2 decades. This is a serious problem in our civilization right now… with this trajectory, we are moving back to a period where only the wealthy can afford a college education; and to have a largely uneducated population because most of the population can’t afford. I didn’t hear any part of this lecture that discussed the ‘free-market’.

    I found her discussion on tough agrarian women in days past kind of interesting. ‘A calf escaped the pen and ran off; a woman yells, “Grab that calf!”, they men jump out of the way of the errant calf; the woman comes running past them, and some few minutes later she can be seen holding the calf, dragging it back into the pen, she sniffs “Men!”‘ Which… if this is her idea of what women have been and could be again; perhaps one could understand her controversial stance on rape. With a woman like the one described above; no man with any sense of self preservation would ever try to do anything with her that she doesn’t want or she’d beat the misguided moron senseless! Now, that being said, I believe that there are some fundamental flaws with some of Dr. Paglia’s ideas…

  3. Dana Franchitto

    Does a Libertarian voice advocating for “entrepreneurship” and “free markets” have a place on AR? IS this AR’s idea of a progressive voice? WE can hear this pablum on any commercial network and sellout NPR. But AR serves as an alternative to capitalist propaganda, no? And I never thought i would hear the trite and disingenuous term “un pc” on an AR talk. SO no, Ms Paglia’s alleged support for Bernie and the Green Party notwithstanding , I do not recommend this talk. And as much as I love AR, I feel, they fropped the ball by broadcasting it.

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