8 reviews for Lapdogs with Laptops

  1. From John in Ontario

    Lapdogs With Laptops is mandatory for all first-semester journalism students. It must be viewed again in the final semester, reinforcing that journalism is about trying, as truthfully as possible, to find out what the hell is going on, without fear or favor, and keeping the record straight. It is about humanity. And, above all, it is not believing any official line, not believing the press release.

  2. Pat in Colorado

    Thanks for airing John Pilger’s Lapdogs with Laptops talk. He was brilliant and fearless. One of the world leaders in independent journalism.

  3. Peter Fleming


  4. Marcus Thomas

    Excellent!! I’m glad they play this at KBOO 90.7FM in Portland! So very relevant and revolutionary stuff if you think about it.

  5. Melissa

    The more things change…
    This was a wonderful illuminating talk and felt current though it was recorded in 2007. We must be vigilant because power corrupts!

  6. Raúl Castillo

    Amazingly interesting. And, it couldn’t be any better well detailed than to have it crafted by John Pilger.. many will miss him, and I am one of them.

  7. Uncle Bala

    Critical information for today’s pandemic of false narratives.
    American media leads, others are gaining ground.
    Share with all those who are willing to question their own conditioning.

  8. Diane Koury

    Enlightening and eye-opening.

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