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  1. Washington listener

    I listened to your interviews with Vijay today driving up to Bellingham and back. VERY IMPRESSIVE.

  2. San Luis Valley, Colorado listener


  3. EDWARD M.

    First heard him on “Democracy Now.” He is definitely someone who has a clear knowledge of how the “Deep State,” the “Capitalist Establishment,” the military-industrial-intelligence state, or the authoritarian/military/sectarian power brokers in the Third World influence the course of affairs in the world. If it wasn’t for productions like Democracy Now or Alternative Radio, many of us would be clueless about how power actually projects itself into the world today and into the future.

  4. Anonymous

    Thrilling, exciting to hear your dialogue with Vijay Prashad (one of my most favorite people).

  5. anonymous

    Thanks David, a great piece of work.

  6. Arnold in FL

    Thanks for Vijay Prashad. I wasn’t familiar with him. Smart as hell guy — he must be if he lasted 20+ years at Trinity, which is not exactly a liberal bastion. An excellent read which is going to take me a while to complete. It’s a lot to absorb.

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