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  1. listener in NM

    Your interview with Arundhati Roy was fantastic. She said something that really struck me (equally about US), that people will take all kinds of abuse for a promise of a glorious imaginary past.

  2. Listener in Canada

    A remarkable conversation between Arundhati Roy, vastly celebrated as one of the best novelists and essayists in the English language, and David Barsamian, many consider him one of the savviest interviewers of our times. Lamenting the rise of fascism in India, the consequent losses of all forms of freedoms, Roy has in fewer words denuded the entire oligarchic, colonial, and fundamentalist nature of current Indian state, or for that matter the US polity and economy. In the context of national liberation struggles or movements for the protection of our “Panchamama”, as Evo Morales would call Earth and its atmosphere, Roy has an encyclopaedic store of information. Barsamian has brilliantly channeled the conversation that includes analysis of almost all popular post-Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru period resistance movements in India from Narmada Dam to anti-Muslim pogroms, to adivasi struggles in Chattisgarh, to Farmer’s Movement, to the rise of Hindutva, to COVID, to Kashmir, to citizenship, to Islamophobia

  3. listener in MA

    Arundhati Roy delivers a devastating critique of the BJP capture of India’s democracy and political economy. For anyone desiring a deeper understanding of the main currents driving India’s retrograde political order, this interview is an indispensable place to start, including for its insights on the RSS, an organization that played the long game and built up the Islamophobic ideologies now wielded shamelessly by so many contemporary politicians.

  4. Harjeet Dhura (verified owner)

    The best of the best! Thanks for your service!

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