5 reviews for You Can Save the Planet

  1. NY Listener

    An excellent speech! We need more wonderful souls such as Bernie out there.

  2. Marnell Kent

    Accurately and courageously speaking truth to power – as always!
    Thank you Bernie!!!

  3. Robert Alexander

    Concise and clear headed – gotta love Bernie.
    When you have enough money, control is the next challenge – worse than addictive than drugs, there is no such thing as enough.

  4. Andres R Veranes

    To the point and eye opening

  5. Charlie Stehlin

    I caught part of this speech last night. What an astute, clear-headed approach Bernie expresses to the things which ail us as a society in these times, and to know that those of us who really care are not alone! How the money of special interest groups hugely corrupts our government leaders and their policies are as obvious as the rising sun! It is a stain on the country and a barrier toward real progress for all. Bernie knows this! Hearing his words and the compassion in his voice gives one a sense of hope. Such determination and the clear conviction in his voice reveal how Bernie really does care about futurity, and this planet, the only home we know! Thank you for this!

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