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  1. john sosman

    I heard part of this on Kansas City’s KKFI this morning and several different times was moved to tears- yes, just from listening to Bobby Seale. But I also found myself laughing at some things- his definition of “blippy”, for example.
    Bobby’s stories and observations about his life with the Black Panthers are fascinating and moving.
    The courage of Bobby Seale and the other Black Panthers! What he, what they went through. In my opinion he is a truly great American. His efforts and words had a real effect and helped to change American history.
    Bobby Seale’s spirit and works benefit all of us, whether we realize it or not- whether we are black, white, or anything in between.
    Thank you Mister Seale. Also, thanks to Alternative Radio and to KKFI for broadcasting this historic interview with him.

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