5 reviews for The Politics of Hate

  1. Cherie

    I admit I don’t tend to listen to this station and just happened upon this interview. I couldn’t turn it off. Compassion for all is what I took away. There was calmness in his voice while speaking of such passionate topics. I thoroughly enjoyed this, I will be looking into his book and looking for more from you. Many thanks for sharing, Cherie

  2. Dennis

    I was just listening to Arjun on our wonderful community radio station here in KC – KKFI. Arjun makes excellent points about the hypocrisy of Trump pushing the “american exceptionalism” agenda. He makes no mention of Barry Soetoro doing the exact same thing throughout his presidency. He then goes on to say that he approves of the media giants (which are actually big brother monopolies bent on total mind control) censoring “alt right” and “conservative hate groups” and “white supremacists”. He exposes himself as a hypocrite and a fool. The ONLY time censorship can be defended is in protecting children from the depravities of our very sick society. I would ask Arjun what right he thinks the zionist racists at google and FB have to censor anyone. As far as that goes, who has the right to decide what is heard and what is hidden? True history has shown, time and time again, that censorship is dangerous and leads to tyranny – with those deciding what gets censored becoming the tyrants. The best disinfectant for evil is sunshine. The reason the american citizenry has deteriorated into the imbecilic hypocritical accessory to the genocide and high crimes of their government that it is, is because of the propaganda (of which censorship is a prime component) that infests the msm. Arjun is an excellent example of a member of the propaganda-spewing msm. he is not interested in real debate or seeing both sides of the story – only in pushing his one-sided agenda.

  3. Armen in Albuquerque

    Most inspiring: When black people are free, we will all be free.

  4. Julie in Gold Hill, CO

    What a great interview

  5. Nile

    Grand to hear you. Terrific broadcast with Arjun Sethi—highly compelling truth-telling, as per usual!

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