9 reviews for The Ukraine War & the Future of Democracy

  1. Larisa Muravska

    Thank you, Dr. Snyder, for educating the world about the importance of Ukraine and its fight against russian aggressor.

  2. Den Kirby

    The above opening “headline” I did not notice in the presentation;
    did I miss something. This was the most interesting narrative of (Putin, Russia) that I can recall. In the 1980″s a National Geographic issue stated that Russia believed it was destined to restore the Christian Empire of Constantine ( the 3 headed eagle being the symbol of both empires). I always used that to explain the Orthodox Patriarch”s endorsement of Putin.

  3. Rahul Majumdar

    Can’t share the effusive praise being heaped by some on Professor Snyder’s presentation. Russia has violated the UN Charter and international law by invading Ukraine, but the current war is merely the logical result of a provocative 30-year NATO expansion towards Russia’s borders, the 2014 coup d’état (Maiden), and especially the 8-year Ukrainian civil war in the Donbas that took 14,000 lives before the Russian invasion. This is, in effect, a U.S.-N.A.T.O. proxy war on Russia with Ukraine as the staging ground.

    Every serious attempt at peace, or at the very least an armistice, is being thwarted by the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and neocons bent on destabilization and/or regime change. Recent revelations from Angela Merkel, François Hollande, and Petro Poroschenko about the Minsk Agreements’ use as a delay tactic to beef up Ukraine’s military should raise alarm bells. However, they don’t.

    $110 billion for Ukraine from the U.S. Treasury alone, all for what? To continue sacrificing Ukrainian and Russian lives in a never-ending war? We look to people like Professor Snyder to expose the folly of war, which is after all a racket (Butler). Sadly, what we got instead was a black and white portrait of conflict, something war rarely, if ever, is.

  4. Bob Brandstetter

    A sobering assessment of a grim situation. It makes clear that we should have intervened in 2014, but failing to arise to the occasion now feels like Chamberlin’s capitulation in the 30s.

  5. Emeka Igwe

    Timothy Schneider is a great historian. Very educative and super inspiring. Thank you for the opportunity to discover such a great personality.

  6. Kathryn Sherlock

    Snyder’s presentation is mind-opening and reassuring. First, he presents a framework, a structure” as a way to evaluate governments, applying this structure analysis to the surprising strength of Ukraine’s struggle. He presents an alternative perspective about the possible future not only of Ukraine but also of America as a possible democracy.

    I am usually internally distressed when I hear the daily world news, so I avoid being informed for several days or so later. Thank you for presenting this inspiring, truly “alternative” speaker.

  7. Iana Sommer

    Excellent clarifications and insights on so many things, I’m going to listen a second time to make sure I understand even better.

  8. Bill Kor

    Dr. Snyder says that Russia must lose this war or democracy will be seriously undermined. He discusses Putin’s mental illness and Russia’s captivity to an intractable murderous autocracy.

  9. J. D. Carriere

    Super good discussion. Provided me with relevant and clarifying views set in a sound historical perspective.
    Thank you.

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