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  1. Orlando Somera

    I’d advise anyone to stay away from the University of Chicago because of the politics and economic dogma it’s given birth to, and, for the longest time, I thought that should include having educated mild-mannered hacks like Suarez, who I thought was not doing a good job representing.

    Well, I just had my head handed to me on a plate. This recording of Suarez giving a speech on immigration in Denver is the speech I’ve been waiting for for decades. If even a fraction of its omnibus content makes a dent in the American psyche, he will have single-handedly set right what has been so wrong for so long.

  2. TackyAroma

    I’ve often wondered how to articulate what Mr. Suarez managed to, so eloquently, without sounding like a troll. …More specifically, in the attitude of a descendant of 17th-century English immigrants (Mayflower, Winthrop fleet, later phases of the ‘Great Migration:’ Check, Check, Check), along with African and Native Americans. Scottish criminal transportees rounding up the list, funly on both sides of the family.
    …Only after all of whom, there are a couple of 19th-century German immigrants, Very Emphatically, Thank you, bringing up the rear. To paraphrase Mr. Suarez, with only discretely modulated emphasis, you get this kind of ancestral diversity Only, Thank you, if your people have been here …wait for it… Long enough.
    …So why are these people of, sorry, but it needed saying, preponderantly generic, 19th-century European immigrant descent so insistent about getting their revisionistically hyperentitled dander up, telling you and me how to be Americans? This is what happens when an entire country becomes historically illiterate. It amounts to infantilization on a national scale. Creating a vacuum, or, rather, a communal. psychic landfill, likeliest to be filled by junk first. …English as our official language? Can the people who advocate this consistently either speak or write in complete sentences?

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